Roasting coffee for people that love coffee

Our business model is simple. Share sources coffee from reputable and ethical growers, roasts the beans from our headquarters in Hadley and sends the coffee out for delivery the same day to subscribers who can expect their coffee within 48 hours. That same coffee goes to the two area cafes (Northampton and Amherst), as well as website orders.

Orders come in three sizes of airtight bags: 6-ounces, 12-ounces and 18-ounces in the delivery service, or 12-ounces from the website.

Our company name comes from the concept of a Community Supported Agriculture farm share. CSA members generally form a relationship with the farmer and picking up produce is part of a weekly ritual.

“We live in an area with such amazing farms and food and knowledge around the importance of where your food comes from, we’re doing that with coffee.”

We tend to shy away from using labels like organic and fair-trade, but often pay more than three times the standard fair-trade price for their products. And most of our growers live in places where the use of pesticides on coffee bean crops is rare.

Our main focus is on quality rather than the pretension that comes with labels.

“We’re really trying to highlight this as an agricultural product, your coffee should be picked fresh, roasted fresh.”

Part of roasting good coffee is making sure beans are in-season. Just like vegetables, coffee crops have peak months depending on where they are grown. Share will only ship in-season beans.

And we aim to bring you the freshest coffee you’ve ever had, whether at our cafes or delivered beans to your doorstep.

Ken on the roaster

We’re a small team of real people, just a little more obsessed with coffee than most.

Ken Majka
Ken Majka
Ken’s coffee journey began in 1998 as Scott Rao’s head roaster and lead barista. Since then he has kept busy owning and operating multiple businesses in the coffee space. Ken thrives on witnessing that “aha” moment, when people realize how amazing coffee can be. He’s also quite proud that one of his youngest daughter’s first words was “barista.”
Ella Scott
Ella Scott
Ella is a taskmaster whose hobbies include setting bars wicked high, whipping Ken and Pat into shape, and eating nails for breakfast. She’s trilingual (English, Spanish and German), has a BFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and when she’s not working with us, has been known to serve on the boards of non-profits, work with the EPA, run a CSA, and work on documentary films. She is committed to quality in everything she does and in general, runs a tight ship.

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