Frequently Asked Questions2019-10-01T15:52:44+00:00
What’s up with your name?2019-10-01T13:52:10+00:00

Our name is a nod to the vast array of amazing farms we are surrounded by, many of whom participate in the CSA model (Community Supported Agriculture), which enables customers to buy a weekly farm ‘share’ of produce.

What is the difference between Comfort coffees and Adventure coffees?2019-10-01T15:56:20+00:00

This is our way of differentiating the taste profile of our customers’ favorite coffees. Comfort is smooth and creamy while Adventure is juicy and vibrant. On our Coffees page, you can read more about the individual flavors found in each type we offer.

Is it organic?2019-10-01T13:38:19+00:00

We consciously source our coffee based on cup quality, environmental stewardship, and traceability. Some of the coffee we purchase is organically certified, but not all of it. Similar to vegetable farmers in the US, coffee growers cannot call their product organic without paying the certification fee. Depending on the size of the cooperative/farm, this may not be a feasible expenditure.

Is your coffee fair trade?2019-10-01T13:37:46+00:00

All of our coffee is purchased through transparent and quality-driven specialty coffee importers. While we do not adhere to purchasing “fair trade,” all of our offerings are fairly traded. We always pay 2 to 3 times the “fair trade” price, often substantially more.

Do you offer wholesale quantities to cafes & restaurants?2019-10-01T13:52:31+00:00

Learn more on our Wholesale page and contact us through the form; we will get back to you shortly!

How do you ship?2019-10-01T13:53:22+00:00

We ship our coffee through the United States Postal Service. Based on your location, we use either First-Class or Priority Mail.

Do you ship whole bean or pre-ground coffee?2019-10-01T13:53:22+00:00

We only ship our coffee whole bean to keep all of that super-fresh flavor intact.

Do you ship internationally?2019-10-01T13:53:22+00:00

Because of our commitment to freshness, we do not ship internationally.

What is your return policy?2019-10-01T13:53:34+00:00

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason contact us and we will make it right.

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