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Kiwi • Lemon Balm • Cane Sugar


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Kiwi • Lemon Balm • Cane Sugar

Location: Kenya
Elevation: 5800-6500ft
Variety: SL28, SL34
Processing: Fully Washed
Harvest Period: January 2019

From our good friends at Nordic Approach:

One of my favorite washing stations, always recognisable on the table for it’s cleanness and freshness. Moses, manager of the station, has worked in the industry for 25 years. He constantly follows the market, personally going to the auction to see how his and his members coffee perform. He also work closely with Frederik, chairman of the coop, that built a 25km long pipeline to get the purest water from Mount Kenya and tiled all the fermentation tanks and grading channels. You can be sure to see more from them in the coming years.

Origin: Karimikui – Rungeto Farmer’s Cooperative Society
Karimikui smallholder farmers

The Karimikui Coffee Factory was established in 1966 and rests on a 6 acres piece of land serving the villages of Githureia, Gituba and Kiamugumo. Currently it is affiliated to Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS), in an area where most smallholder farmers are growing tea, not coffee. The rich, red volcanic soil is ideal for coffee growing, with a temperature year round ranging between 13C to 24C. Two periods of rain is observed – the long rains between March and May and the short rains between October and December. Farmers here are mainly growing SL28 and SL34, accounting for 99% of total production, while we see some occasional Ruiru 11 plants. The long term goal is to increase coffee production through farmer training and input access, and Good Agricultural Practice seminars are conducted year round. The wish is to establish a transparent, trust based relationship with the smallholder farmer, helping to support a sustained industry growth in Kenya, whilst bringing premium quality to our customers, and premium prices to the farmers.

Varietals: The smallholders mainly have SL 28 and SL 34.


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